Call for Data

This is an invitation to contribute your web archive to a research project.

Art Doc Archive is a Berlin-based project that explores ways to preserve the documentation that artists keep of their works online. We are a group of art historians, programmers, digital archivists and visual artists that seek new forms web preservation. The project was initiated by Anna Schäffler and Lukas Fuchsgruber with Urbane Praxis e.V., and is funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa (Senate for Culture) in Berlin.

Our project scope includes websites, blogs and social media (we start with Instagram). During a 3 month project, we try different methods how to store, navigate and visualize this data, we develop open source code and do scientific research and exchange. We also maintain this blog titled Reclaim your Archive!

Currently we are calling upon Berlin based artists to donate their websites, blogs and social media content as research material. What can you do? 1. Give us permission to mirror and analyze your website or wordpress. 2. Request your instagram data and send the posts + media files to us (in JSON format is prefered, see below for further important details). You can compress them in a zip file and send them to our email adress, for example through uploading on

What will we do with the data? We will host a mirror of it, to preserve it. We will analyze it to show ways of working with this data, for example collecting information about works, exhibitions, networks. We will visualize patterns, structures and connections that can be explored across the data. You should let us know the extent of visibility you want for your data (see below on research consent).

This is a prototype, our final aim is to build a longterm public infrastructure to preserve and make these sources accessible, both for academic research as well as the arttists themselves. We are also planning a workshop to exchange on practical aspects of documentation and preservation – we are community oriented, we will make an announcement on this soon.

Two more things, on research consent, and personal data from Instagram:

Research consent: Who will have access to your material? You can decide this! Please let us know if you:

  1. Want to have the mirror of your documentation published Yes/No
  2. Want to have the research data (the data analysis) about your documentation published Yes/No
  3. Want to be included in the data visualization that will be published Yes/No
  4. Only want to contribute your data for use internally in the project, without publication at all?

How to reclaim your instagram posts and select only the posts:

Browse to settings, section privacy. Request a download of your data (select JSON format), enter your password. Wait for ca. 2 days for the link in your email. Use this link to download your data as a zip file. This zip file contains a lot of information, also your messages for example. Please do not share this personal data! For the archive we are only interested in the posts and the media files of the posts. How to share only this data: Extract your zip folder. Copy the folders „content“ and the folder „media/posts“. This is the public information that we want to preserve and analyze in the archive project.

Thank you for being part of this project!


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